Award Name Description Request
Remember Remember Request this award on 5th of November Request
Weed Only for stoners

Award Name Description Request
Instagram Make an Instagram post shouting out (Must have a minimum of 50 followers) Request
Twitter Make a Tweet shouting out (Must have a minimum of 50 followers) Request
Youtube Make a YouTube video that is a minimum of 10 seconds shouting out Request
Snapchat Make a Snapchat story shouting out (Must have a minimum of 25 views & be up for 4 hours) Request

Award Name Description Request
Webmaster Request
Designer Designer show outstanding graphic designing skills Request
Support Support another member Request
Staff You must be a current Anonshare staff member to receive this.
Apple An apple for golden members
Hacker Request

Award Name Description
Bronze Obtained by writing 2 posts
Silver Obtained by writing 15 posts
Gold Obtained by writing 50 posts
Platinum Obtained by writing 250 posts
Diamond Obtained by writing 500 posts

Requirement based
Award Name Description
Lunar Obtained by writing 1000 posts in general discussion forum
Pika Obtained by writing 500 posts in gaming forum
Referrer Refer 50 members to this board to obtain this award.
200 Credits Have more than 200 credits
500 Credits Have more than 500 credits
Rich Have more than 999 credits
Famous Achieved by having 500 reputation points
Star Achieved by having 1200 reputation points

Award Name Description
Pumpkin Found a pumpkin during Halloween 2020
Snowflakes Clicked so many snowflakes during xmas 2020
Easter Egg Find an easter egg during easter 2020

Award Name Description
Blue Diamond Obtained by buying VIP or higher.
Purple Diamond Obtained by buying Supreme or higher.
Thor hammer Obtained by buying Godlike.
Donator Obtained by donating