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The Best Websites to Learn Coding
[Image: 1*tcfXy5R93scmFNsE29plNw@2x.png]
About Apify
The web is the largest and most important source of information ever created by humankind. And yet, most of that information is only available in a human-readable form that cannot be easily used by automated systems.

Our mission is to let people automate mundane tasks on the web and spend their time on things that matter. We strive to keep the web open as a public good and a basic right for everyone, regardless of the way you want to use it, as its creators intended.

[Image: 52eca2e2b5bba093f6b0c78856615535.png]
Build your own apps
Thunkable enables anyone to create beautiful and powerful mobile apps.

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Our story
The Upwork story begins over a decade ago, when the tech lead of a Silicon Valley startup realized his close friend in Athens would be perfect for a web project. The team agreed he was the best choice, but were concerned about working with someone halfway around the globe.
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