Important ✔ Webmasters Application ✔
Dear Anonshare Community,
 This year we added a new team on our forum.
Webmasters team,
We need people who are interested to help us.
What we are looking for:
A Webmaster who is able to dedicate his/her free time to by providing useful content in webmaster forum and assist users.
The specific duties:
  • Maintain peace and order in the Webmaster forum
  • Clean the webmaster forum from spam
  • You have to handle situations professionally

Application requirements
  • The application must be in English 
  • The application must include your qualities
  • The application must include your available hours
  • The application must include your contacting details
Please send @Anon your applications using the Private Messaging system
Im obviously interested!!!!
[Image: anonsig.png]
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