Hello, I would like to show you method for high profability that I found today in other forum.

Link to guide below
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Thats a big number,look like a scam
[Image: IXWTgJH.png]
yes it is scam Smile
Please provide proof that this is a scam before saying that it is a scam. Thanks!
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I read it these one on the forum. And sharing with you guys. Please read it.

"I wont post link of the bot since i dont want to have ppl to try it.

So after opening a telegram bot link , it will open .... telegram ofc and ask you to click a VIEW ADS button to get ETH.
That could be a thing , but in general you also get that amazing secret script for tampermonkey or a console script, that will farm the click for you...

So when you have everything set up you farm , but you have requirement before withdrawing , here is my account on the bot -> https://prnt.sc/qkc5mb

And when you check the withdrawal requirement -> https://prnt.sc/qkc728
And when you finally reach 10 referrals ... that can take a long time or a heavy spamming you'll be able to click on the withdraw link and you'll get https://prnt.sc/qkc7tc

And you can be like "HOW MY GOD YESSSS" but no ->https://prnt.sc/qkc8eq

In my case i didn't even had multiple account, but the bot try to get you to pay so...don't fall for that please guys !

And if you see forum thread about autopilot shit with scripts....report it

Hope you appreaciate this thread"

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