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I have already done this but now that i am an Admin i thought id do it again...
Hello.  How is everybody doing.  I was the owner and admin at but my site got suspended.  Thats ok things happen for a reason.  Eventhough i really had my site on its way to becoming one of the known hacking sites i feel asthoug  anonshare might just be a better fit for me!!!!  I would like to give Eric/Anon a huge thanks for bringing me on.  We will get this thing going.  You have a great set up.  Great layout. I really think i can get traffic comming this way for sure!! Ok well thats it for now.  If anyone has anyissues at all, i dont care what it is.  Even if your sad cause your dog ran away feel free to hit me up!!!
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Thnak you and welcome back to the forum as administrator At
Welcome back
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